A Seat at the Table: On J. Lee The Producer & Marcellus Coleman’s “RIGHTLY”

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J. Lee The Producer and Marcellus Coleman wrote and produced a soulful love song titled “Rightly.” When they tagged me to create a concept for the music video, I found myself addressing perhaps my most favorite problem.

I get yelled at a lot. Half the time, my friends are doing the yelling when they discover the show or song or piece of art they’ve told me about still hasn’t found its way into my regular routine.

The problem I love is the overwhelming amount of beautiful art I know I’ll never have enough time to enjoy. There are too many good shows; too many profound and funny books. There are too many incredible musicians; too many gorgeous sermons. And even if I try and capture them all, I’ll be doing each one a disservice by not giving the work the time it deserves.

The really good problem I have is that it’s a good time to love beauty.

I’m not anti-routine. But routine-worship, like any other idol, tends to rob the participants of their dignity while selling them a new perception they won’t realize is meaningless until their kids grow up and inform them they’re not interested in repeating the same mistakes.

I’m fascinated with the ability of beauty to awaken a person. I still see this in Christendom™, but it can happen wherever an honest heart gets a word in.

Part of the goodness of God is that it’ll ambush you at the very place you go when you’ve abandoned the idol of routine-worship you incorrectly thought was Him in the first place.

That’s the idea behind this video—that upon finally understanding what God has been singing over you every day, you’ll exit the cycles that numb your true desires until you find your seat at the table. I hope and pray our new music video will encourage you to do just that.

I’m grateful to’ve written, produced, and directed J. Lee The Producer and Marcellus Coleman’s RIGHTLY.


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