No one could’ve prepared me for the nuanced process that’s made me confess: “I’ve done these things my whole life. It’s time to revisit why.” Even if someone had warned me, I wouldn’t’ve believed them. — Zechariah 7. Sharezer and Regemmelech, Men of Bethel, come to Zechariah. They’ve got a question. They need God’s favor.

Coffee-Stained Hymnals

I played music in worship bands for 9 years. The backlash started in 2014. My fingers had callouses from playing the same church songs over and over. But it’s what happened after a trip to Africa that had my heart more calloused than my fingers. The services and times spent playing music in Burkina Faso

How Truth Can Lie

Before I stopped being surprised by what can happen in church, my dad told me a story of people who came to him wanting to be baptized. He knew something was off when they asked for a letter proving he’d baptized them before they’d even discussed what baptism was about. He found later these folks

The Mercy of Mystery

Anything worth doing is on the other side of confusion and the subsequent offense you’ll feel over having been confused. What if someone took away your sight upon introducing themselves? We jump to the miracles in Paul’s life, but I’d be pretty upset over this method. In the films about Paul, I’ve yet to see

Reclaim Comfort, PT. II

And while we’re at it… There’s something to be said about numbness. Numbness, the real enemy the church misidentified as comfort, is not a victimless mistake. — In fact, one of the more blatant results seems to’ve been spelled out in scripture already. Look at this from Psalm 94:19— “When doubts filled my mind,     your

Reclaim Comfort.

“Babe, I have something to tell you.” “What is it?” “It’s really, really good news. You’re going to love it.” “Okay? Keep going.” “Now that we’re married, I’ve decided I’ll never have sex again. Ever.” — If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told to get out of my comfort zone, I’d

Mr. Understood

The goodness inherent in what I’m about to tell you is that it forces God to reveal who you really are without everyone else “getting it.” On a coaster handed out to every groomsman at my best friend’s wedding was written a specific message from the groom. Reflecting on his words over the years has

A Fool Met Wisdom

“I’m sorry. I’ll pray for you.” Except, sarcastically. I’d heard a comedian say this to someone else after she told him a normal fact about her life. 11-year-old arvin found it funny. The setting makes it worse. At a birthday party, meeting birthday girl’s grandparents. Watching a football game featuring the alma mater from which

Skipped Steps

There’s a really cool desk for sale on IKEA’s website. Sure, there are several. But I found one I like. It’s affordable and emits that sort of Scandinavian minimalism I’ve come to demand of things I buy. The assembly instructions are straightforward and easy to follow—and they should be. I mean, it’s a desk. Why