Noah had never seen rain, much less a flood. He’d never seen God either. He believed in the latter in order to survive the former. So he showed up and built exactly, and only exactly what he was told to build. — My first mistake was thinking that God’s call on my life would happen


I can hardly articulate what’s happened in my life since I wrote here last. It’s gone by quickly enough that a lesser version of me wouldn’t notice. But the version of myself I became in the fall of 2018 noticed every single ingredient on the plate. I savored because I’d genuinely forgotten how to rush.

You Can’t Predict Hindsight

December 10, 2017. I turned 25. I wake up to a text with Isaiah 43:2. “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” What my dear friend Sara didn’t know was that I’d been reading the first half of that chapter for several days in a row. — Speaking of deep waters,

Embarrassed & Encouraged

Just after the Ides of March. 2014. Atlanta. I’ve come here for spring break with dozens of other students to prepare for the summer. Each of us is a leader taking teams on mission trips all over the world this May. To prepare, we’re divided into teams and assigned projects to accomplish throughout that week.

Free to Get Hurt

Half-asleep writing can be the most revealing. It’s as if my guards have clocked out and gone home for the night. And since I was already in the toy store when they locked the doors, I’m free to walk around and play with whatever I want. I can investigate and hear myself say things I

The Furthest Frontier, PT 2

You’ll notice just about every blog of mine is divided into sections. Two ideas put up next to each other so their contrast will create friction that’ll create sparks that’ll create a fire that’ll illuminate an idea in your mind. I write this way because I think this way. And I think this way because

The Furthest Frontier PART I

I have some dear friends who built their dream home out in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t make sense to me at first. Their careers and schools, friends and community all demand at least 45 minutes of driving. If you live in a bigger city, that commuting time might not sound too crazy, but

The Mob In Me

I like the way I grew up. I was handed dozens of cosmic questions with their answers already attached like training wheels. I was preaching about the answers before I even asked myself the questions. Everything fit into a nice box of either good or bad. But the God of 2018 has apparently deemed us

Invisible Inbetweens

Imagine if they didn’t put you under anesthesia for surgery. Adam was asleep while God removed his rib. I think a consequence of the Fall we’ve yet to dissect is our immunity to God’s anesthesia. I think we wake up and freak out when we were meant to rest and trust. If surgeons and anesthesiologists

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God: “Okay, write: ‘Now Moses was very humble—more humble than any other person on earth.’” Moses: “Uhh, I’m supposed to write that…about myself?” Much of my offense toward God has to do with the processes he reserves for himself. He reserves for himself the role of teaching us the truth, making us realize what’s wrong,