Many of my friends are married. I love it. I don’t like the jokes about comparing yourself to those whose careers and families are growing. We often cut in half the scripture about “weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice.” Having friends in the situations you’re expecting to be in someday

Stop Keeping Track

He did nothing. Nothing? Ah, what a man. He fell on his face before God. That’s all he did. An imposter could not fake such surrender. And men fight to become kings, and they’ll sacrifice anything to satisfy ambition. But now, what will you do? Today, I shall give ample space for this untelling God

Something Went Wrong.

Mike Tyson was asked about the preparation process one of his opponents was undergoing. “People were asking me, ‘What’s going to happen? He’s going to give you a lot of lateral movement. He’s going to move, he’s going to dance. He’s going to do this, do that.’” I’ll never forget Tyson’s response because I can’t

On Mentors

You’ve probably heard of Søren Kierkegaard, the philosopher, theologian, etc. The Danish author’s ideas on theistic existentialism were far ahead of his time. There’s even a Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre at the University of Copenhagen. You probably haven’t heard of Poul Martin Møller. Møller was a professor who played a pretty big role in Søren’s

My Empty Plane

For a time, I worked as a Christian film critic. That’s right, a critic of Christian films. Selah. 100% of the feedback I got from my editor was that my reviews were too negative, pointing out glaring plot holes and places where the story, dialogue, set design, overall reason for being made (besides the ever-reliable

Hot Dog Doug

A young man makes his way through a busy street to a job interview. Instructions were clear about credentials he should bring and who his interviewer would be. To make sure the young man is thorough, the e-mail contains a post-script about stopping at a food cart outside the skyscraper where a man named Doug

I’d Rather Stay Awake

I met Jesus, Santa, and Uncle Sam around the same time. If you walked into a coffee shop and saw me with two other people, you might associate us with one another. If you shook all 3 of our hands and heard our names back-to-back-to-back as we shared coffee at the same table, you’d might

Turned Down to Turn Out

The Pony Express was a brilliant idea. But I can’t help but wonder: how would the person who invented the Pony Express react if he met the person who invented E-mail? This person is passionate about efficient communication, right? How could they not be excited? History proves progress is not that simple. — There’s a


I’ve spent two decades asking God for his presence. You hear it invoked at the beginning of church services, sermons, etc. It’s become a refrain: “God, we ask for your presence.” It sounds like Christianese rhetoric. The cynic in you mocks the whole thing. But sincere hearts can’t afford to care. When you encounter transcendent

abandon, pt. 2

I asked for this. I forgot I did, but I asked for the predicament I’m in. To remember that is the first step to realizing it is God’s mercy, not his judgment, that’s brought Christendom™ to its rightful place on the verge of irrelevance. — I use the word Christendom™, trademark symbol included, because it’s